The Return

My return. Not the literal sense of returning to Spain but also to this blog. A lot happened over the past few months: travels, work, WiFi being a diva; which all contributed to me not being able to blog. So I am back and determined to update this weekly: not only about A Coruña but also about the year abroad more generally.

Overall the first semester was generally enjoyable but there were times I found it more difficult than anticipated. I had the image in my head that the year abroad was going to be the best year of my life, I would be able to forget about my problems back home and I would end up with a fabulous tan to make everyone jealous. Whilst it has been an amazing few months where I have experienced so many new things, I have also had to deal with problems I never envisaged happening. The tan didn’t happen either (sadly I picked the wrong part of Spain for that). Ultimately, I was able to accept this as ‘normal’ when I learnt that everyone experiences this at some point and when I realised that everyday of a year abroad wasn’t perfect for anybody.

So this is just a post to say I am sorry for my absence but I have returned and here’s to the start of semester 2.

Hasta pronto


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