7 Reasons to Visit A Coruña

A Coruña is one of Spain’s lesser known cities and it often overshadowed by its neighbour Santiago de Compostela. This city, however, has its own charms and therefore deserves a visit. Here’s why:

1) Everything is within walking distance

or a cheap bus ride away. It is a compact city but it is still big enough to get comfortably lost. It is also the perfect base to begin exploring the rest of Galicia.

2) The viewpoints are incredible 

There are two main viewpoints in A Coruña: San Pedro hill and Torre de Hercules (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Each one offers stunning views of the large stretches of formidable coastlines, a vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and luscious greenery. The view is enticing to gaze at during the sunset but it is equally appealing at day or night. The park surrounding the Torre de Hercules is also worth exploring.



3) The city is very diverse

A Coruña is fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful beaches and stunning gardens . They also have a picturesque old town complete with a wealth of historical buildings.




4) Food

Due to the seafront location of the city, a lot of local dishes contain freshly caught seafood. There have a large variety of seafood on their menus including clams, barnacles and octopus. (If you aren’t keen on eating octopus then avoid anything with polbo/pulpo.) Whilst you are here you should also try empanadas and my personal favourite Raxo.

5) Drink

To complement their assortment of appetising food they also produce refreshing drinks. The albariño wine and the ribeiro enhances the taste of seafood well. If you prefer beer try Estrella Galicia or the premium larger, 1906.

6) Nightlife

To add to the diversty of A Coruña, they also have an energetic nightlife. Calle Orzán has a plentiful supply of bars and clubs and is busiest on Thursdays and Saturdays.


7) Sports

The location makes A Coruña an ideal place for anyone active. Whether you decide to walk along Paseo Marítimo or learn to surf then you can do it, depending on the weather. Riazor stadium is also located here, which is the home ground of Deportivo la Coruña.

So as you can see, A Coruña is a good city to visit for a few days. Yes it may rain whilst you are here but it is part of the recipe to form the perfect blend of scenery, culture and diversity.

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