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10 things I regret about university



During the weeks leading up to graduation, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my university experience as well as constantly refreshing the ASOS occasion wear page because, oh my god why is it so difficult to find a nice dress? I’ve spent four years easily finding clothes to waste my student loan on but when it’s actually important, nothing. Even reliable old New Look hasn’t been kind to me. Update: New Look came through at the last minute. Thank you bae. 

Anyway… there is no denying that university has been one of the biggest experiences I have had so here we are. These are the 10 things I wish I could change about my time at uni.

1) Not making much of an effort with my flatmates in first year. Or with anyone for that matter.We were a bunch of different people with varying interests and as a result did not spend much time with each other. I also should have bothered talking to people in other years but as a year abroad was a compulsory part of my course so I only kept a few friends as I knew I would be leaving before them. In hindsight, I wish I made more of an effort as it would have made things easier coming back for my final year.

2) Attended more lectures. I mean, that is literally the point of university.

3) Joined other sports clubs. I was lucky that all sports and societies were free to join,making it the ideal chance to try other sports. Instead I just stuck to the three clubs I knew. I could’ve been competing in the 2020 Olympics. I mean, probably not, but one can dream.

4) More subject based activities.  I was fortunate enough to be able to present my work at a conference but other than that I didn’t do anything else. Therefore,  I wish I had made an effort with subject specific societies.

5) Put less pressure on myself in first year  Whilst this isn’t a bad thing in itself, I could’ve done a lot less work and spent more time doing things I enjoyed. This year is a gift and should not be wasted. But don’t fail it either because resitting a year would not be fun.

6) Made an effort with my student card photo.This one may be fickle but not bothering to take a decent photo for my student id. This picture stayed with me for four years and haunted me at every lecture when the register was passed around. The fact lecturers made jokes about it shows how horrendous it truly was.

7) Place more importance on my degree Doing all nighters and downing all the energy drinks in order to finish an essay is never fun. Neither is the walk home from handing in aforementioned essay.

8) Kept in contact If I knew how easy it was to lose contact with people I spoke to on a daily basis then I would have actually made an effort to reach out to them a lot more.

9) Documented my time at university.  I have so many memories but I never bothered to take many photos of my time there. Even on my year abroad, I barely took any pictures and I mean, what is the point of doing a year abroad if you don’t humbly brag about it on Instagram. #solucky

10) I wish I did a different degree.  Well kind of.

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