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What to pack for a year abroad



Printable Packing Checklist

So a lot of lucky people will be preparing for a year abroad.What a lot of people don’t realise is how much preparation goes into it months before hand.

With limited baggage allowance, it can be quite stressful to know what to pack and how much you need. Please remember that it is highly unlikely that you will be somewhere that doesn’t have shops so don’t panic if you forget anything.



Passport (please don’t forget this and have a few photocopies of this as well as any other important documents)

Travel insurance (photocopy of this as well)

A few passport photographs

Currency (from both your home and host country)

Adaptor plugs- check which one is required for your country before you leave (these can be bought in Poundland so no excuse to forget one)



These are one of the easiest things to buy when you are there so please do not go overboard. I really didn’t believe people when they said don’t bring much but they were right. Things to take into account are practicality and climate.

T-shirts (minimum of 3)

Long sleeved tops/jumpers (minimum of 2)





Underwear (at least 10 days worth)

Socks (at least 10 days worth)

Coat/jacket/hoodie (depending on climate)


Going out clothing (at least 2 outfits worth)

Shoes (at least 2 pairs)



Hat/gloves/scarf (depending on climate)



Obviously adjust accordingly to your own preferences. Bring home anything you don’t wear at Christmas.





phone- although you may have to buy a basic one to use abroad depending on your tariff

*Don’t forget the chargers, which you can use thanks to the adaptor plug you remembered to pack*


Medical kit- Containing Paracetamol/Ibruprofen, plasters, travel sickness tablets, hayfever tablets, allergy medicine

Any medication you require- check this is readily available in your host country and ask your GP for further advice




Soap/Shower gel



Make-up basics





Dairy milk- Trust me, this is very important! You don’t want to be in the middle of a Portuguese supermarket, trying to hold back tears of happiness because you found a bar of dairy milk. Not that I did this…

Tea bags and any other food item that you are extremely fond of.

Home comfort- whether this is a blanket you never sleep without or a photo that makes you smile. This is the item that will get you through homesickness.


Small bag



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