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14 things that happen when you move in with your boyfriend



Ok, so I have to admit that the above photo isn’t my house but it’s very hard not to take photos of all the doors in Dublin. Seriously. So sorry to whoever this house/office/building belongs to.

Anyway, moving on from door goals, these are the things that I wish I knew before living together.

  1. You have to take them into consideration when you buy duvet covers, which pretty much means you can only entertain boring patterns now.
  1. Your relationship will take a hit every time you have to build something. Self-assembly is no-ones friend and it will result in one of you storming upstairs to sulk leaving the other to sit with a half assembled cabinet that looks nothing like the picture.
  1. They will occasionally take interest in interiors but they will never show the level of enthusiasm you want. Give up now.
  1. Although he will secretly like the fairy lights you’ve put up around the bed.
  1. Date nights will be planned and then cancelled last minute because you are still in pyjamas and you will be binge-watching something on Netflix. You promise that this is the last time you’ll do this but alas no.
  1. You will send messages on snapchat when you are sat next to each other just to keep up your score.
  1. You don’t get cute texts as often. Unless one of you can’t be bothered to make tea. Then all the flirting happens.
  1. You make promises of doing a weekly food shop and cooking proper meals but you will always end up ordering food at least twice a week because there is absolutely nothing in at all. Except that questionable packet of pasta and sauce and the tomato paste that was there before you even moved in.
  1. You have to compromise a lot. Watching three hours of Dance Moms means enduring a football match AND post-match discussion.
  1. Finding a program you both enjoy on Netflix is bloody hard work. When you do find something, you cherish it by watching a whole season in a day. Thank you Suits (although where is season 5??)
  1. A lot of conversations revolve around housework and what bin needs to be put out. You spend the rest of your time wondering when you became so lame.
  1. One of you will be the designated person for taking out the bin/recycling. There won’t be a discussion. It will just happen and it will be forever known as your job.
  1. You own a supermarket card for all the points and home delivery. You also add boring things to the delivery such as extra-virgin olive oil and colour catchers for the washing machine. No more chicken dippers for you.
  1. There have been discussions about getting a help to buy ISA and you genuinely wonder when you stopped being cool and stopped wanting to spend all your money on peach schnapps (ultimate bae circa 2011).

Although all these things happen, you realise that you wouldn’t change any of it because of all the happy feels it brings. Except maybe the socks all over the house or the weight gain or being less soppy. Maybe you’d change that part. Maybe.

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