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23 things I’ve learned by 23


23 is the age I have been dreading. Partly because it means I am a year older but also because everyone has told me that being 23 was the absolute worst. Buzzfeed even had a post on it so it must be true. I know that a lot is going to change in my life this year so I am focusing on things I have learned so far in order to help me through this potentially horrendous year.

  1. You don’t realise how disgusting you can be until you are ill. Or until you live alone.
  1. You don’t have to hate your ex. You don’t have to like them either.
  1. Sex dreams involving people you know are always weird.
  1. Never let anyone invalidate your feelings.
  1. If you can survive an all-girls school, you can survive anything.
  1. Learning to cook basic meals is very important. If you can read or watch videos, then you can follow a recipe.
  1. If you are unsure about sending a text to someone then leave it for 24 hours. You’ll be in a different frame of mind and able to deal with it better. If they don’t reply after this message then don’t send another. They probably aren’t interested and you should find someone better who is interested.
  1. The most relaxing evenings are ones spent eating smilie faces and spaghetti hoops (trust me), properly pampering your skin and spending so long in the bath you literally become a raisin. Add fresh sheets to make this the dream evening and maybe some candles because, you know, candles.
  1. Don’t waste your time trying to be friends with someone because you share mutual friends. If you do get along, great, but if spending time with them makes you miserable then cut them out your life. You’ll be better off for it.
  1. Be kind. You don’t know what someone else is going through so always be kind.
  1. Possessions only make you happy temporarily. Memories make you happy forever. Choose wisely.
  1. Be around people who make you want to be a better person.
  2. Never feel bad about spending money on underwear. It’s something you wear everyday so invest in correctly fitting sets.
  1. Comparison really is the thief of joy. Take time to appreciate what you have rather than what you
  1. Don’t form a strict life plan. Sticking to this plan rigidly only ends up failing as life never goes along with your plan. It’s better to have a vague idea of where you want to end up and work towards it at your own pace.
  1. Being happy and healthy are the two most important things in life. Look after yourself. This should be your biggest priority.
  1. If you are proud of it, then it is an accomplishment. Don’t let anyone take that from you.
  1. Adding on from this, the satisfaction you get from finishing something you have worked hard on is so so good. Like really good. Whether this is putting up a shelf or finishing your degree, it feels amazing so keep at it.
  1. Finding a hobby that makes you forget everything in your life is so important. Whether it is dance, yoga or just sitting at home colouring in, find something that makes you excited about life again.
  1. Don’t deny yourself any food you want. You will only end up eating more of it later.
  1. Find a remedy that gets you through colds and flu and start this as soon as you feel ill. This can be medicine, hot drinks or sleeping it off. Also find something that gets rid of a hangover quickly. Mine is taking water to bed and a piece of dry toast in the morning.
  1. Social media doesn’t convey people’s lives accurately. People choose what they want to share. Their life isn’t as perfect as they depict. Don’t get caught up about it. See point 13.
  1. Treat your parents well (if they were good). One day you will realise how much they did for you and how little time you have to make it up to them.

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