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What year abroad students want you to know


So someone you know is going away for an extended length of time. Naturally, you will be sad about this. Unless you didn’t like them, then, you know, you probably won’t be sad. You may have many concerns about the year ahead but they have just as many as you. So this is what year abroad students probably want you to know.

They are going to miss you. It may seem like they are having an amazing time and seeing that they are constantly meeting new people may make you feel forgotten. The bond they have with these people won’t be the same. They simply get on with each other because they have been placed in the same situation, which is a significant thing to have in common with someone. They will spend time with these people but ultimately they will wish that you were there with them and not on the other side of the phone.

They will often feel left out when you are all together. It is difficult being far away from home when everyone is meeting up. Whether it is someone’s 21st birthday or just a quick drink in the pub, they will feel left out (left out enough to consider a flight home).


Their life probably isn’t as fun as Instagram is making out. After the first few weeks, life settles down again very quickly and they will fall into a routine; a similar version of the one you have and everything becomes monotonous. However, year abroad students are expected to be having the time of their lives with copious new experiences everyday. This results in them becoming down about their time and that’s when comparisons to other students time away starts. As a result, they feel they have to constantly be doing something because everyone else expects it. This results in a lot of travelling to new places or constantly sitting on the beach. But most of the time, they do indeed have the same routine as you. And they have just as much university work to do as you. They just fail to mention that bit because that’s the boring part.


We want you to visit. Visitors are fun. As mentioned above,  we are bored of our daily routine and visitors give us the perfect excuse to go out exploring.  Plus, seeing familiar faces and hearing accents from home is always a bonus.

Basically, don’t forget about us. Make an effort to stay in contact. And when we do return we are very happy that we are back home. We just feel a bit deflated because we are no longer the cool friend that lives abroad.


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