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Things that may help you through a bad mental health day


There has always been some controversy regarding how to overcome depression.Hashtags such as #JustGoForAWalk , which are seemingly ‘helpful’, are actually harmful to people with depression. Yes, walking does boost endorphins, which is obviously beneficial but when you feel that you physically cannot get out of bed, this is not something you want to hear. This is not something that will help you get through the day. So, I have written this post as a reminder of what helps me through the day. These are things that have helped me in the past so may hopefully help others as well. Even if you just take a step out of bed then you should be proud. Naturally, this post won’t help everyone as we all deal with things differently, but anyway, here is what makes me feel better…

1. Go in the shower. You may not feel like it but once you are out you will feel so much better. If the thought of a shower is too much then wash your hands. It will help you feel fresher and once you are out of bed, it is often easier to stay out of your hibernation spot for a while.

2. Drink some water. Or milk. Or a hot drink. Or something fizzy to put some sugar in you. Basically, drink something, you need to. Looking after your body is important, no matter what your brain is telling you.

3. Eat some food. If you don’t feel like eating then think about what you would like to eat. This may encourage you. Try something that is quick to make and preferably something that will give you energy. Something like cereal or beans on toast would be ideal. Plus, afternoon cereal always tastes better than morning cereal. True story.

4. Get some air. Whether this is from opening a window or going for a walk. This should have a similar effect to point 1.

5. Listen to music. OK, so Adele probably isn’t your best bet here. Listen to something upbeat. Maybe something nostalgic. Music is very powerful and has the ability to alter you mood instantly.

6. Watch or read something funny. Make sure this is readily available for times like this. Maybe, make it cosy by lighting 827 candles and sit under your favourite blanket with a hot drink. OK, maybe not that many candles. Bit excessive.

7. Ultimately, be kind to yourself. If you had the flu you wouldn’t rush out of bed and feeling guilty will only make you feel worse. You got this.


It’s important to remember you aren’t alone and there are several ways of getting help in a crisis.

Phone the Samaritans: 116 123 (UK only)

If you don’t feel like talking to someone then you can text the Samaritans on 07725909090 (UK only) or email at There is also the website for those outside the UK.

If you are a male in the UK then offer support during a crisis. They offer a webchat between 5pm and midnight as well as a phone line between 5pm and midnight (charges apply). 

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