‘The key to happiness’

According to a recent article, good mental health and being in a relationship are the key to happiness. No one tell Brad this because I might actually have to be nice to him for like half an hour. (spoiler: I’m normally nice, I just like to appear heartless.)

This article stuck with me though and I really thought about what made me happy. Not just what makes me smile but the whole IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS kind of happiness. That kind of happiness has never come from objects; it has always come from people, experiences and achievements.

It made me remember everything that has made me happy and reflect on the past year. Even though 2016 has been an absolute disaster for the world, I am fortunate that it has been a good year for me on a personal level.

Graduating was one of my greatest achievements of 2016. This was the result of four years hard work and commitment and this is something I am proud of. (OK more like 2 years because first year doesn’t count and year abroad.)

It wasn’t just the graduation ceremony itself, it was the people that shared the day with me that made it special. From my mum trying to avoid getting fake tan on my dress (because guess who left it until last minute) to Brad surprising me by arriving with a big bunch of flowers and a card. I loved every second, even after the ceremony was over. Spending the evening eating pizza on a make shift bed on the couch because guess who decided to move out the day of graduation and then miss the last train home so had to buy a duvet and pillows from Asda.




My greatest achievement and something that has ultimately bought me a lot of happiness is my little boy. From the first time I saw my little boy at his scan to hearing my son’s heartbeat at every midwife appointment. Carrying him for 41 weeks and 3 days (290 days of being pregnant, thank you Spencer) was rewarded by seeing him in real life for the first time, even if the first thing he did was pick his nose and frown at me when I told him to stop.Getting to share this experience with everyone I care about made it a million times better.


I don’t really know what I am trying to say with this post.Maybe it’s just to remind me what is important this festive season. To make me remember that experiences are always better than gifts, even if that gift is an extremely sexy eyeshadow palette. To focus on enjoying every moment with the people around me as these are the ones that build my mental health up to a good place. To focus on those who make me feel secure and loved.


Ultimately, everyone is different. Different things make different people happy. It’s time to put your happiness (and health) above everything else.

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