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A year in review

I’m trying to be more positive on a daily basis. Normally when I reflect on things, I tend to remember the bad. So this post is a reminder that good things did happen this year. Also, I like reading posts like this as I get to be nosy in an acceptable way.

January- So my year started off with a pregnancy test. Yes, I’m the idiot that does this on New Years Day. Apart from digesting this new information, January was just a blur of all nighters from rushed essays and dance rehearsals.

February- This was a good month as I got to go back to Edinburgh again for a dance competition and I also got to visit Newcastle for the first time.



March- This was an awful month full of deadlines and even more all nighters (I didn’t learn my lesson from any all nighters I had to endure).

April-  I felt pretty smart this month and it made me believe in myself a little bit more. I was fortunate enough to present my research from a university project at a conference. There were a lot of clever people there, like really clever, and they didn’t burst into tears or plan an attack against me for ruining linguistics for everyone. I also found out I was having a boy so that was pretty awesome.


May- This was another month spent rushing essays and trying to learn every Spanish irregular verb in time for my final exams. Despite all of this, I was an idiot who decided a few days in Dublin would be a good idea, right before all these exams. But, you know what, Dublin was a bloody good idea because it made me so happy. Like happier than when you get told that you’re having dominoes for tea.


June- I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of June as a month. I’ve always found it to be boring and underwhelming. But one good thing happened this month. I got my degree results and I did bloody good *insert all the fist bump emojis here*

July- I graduated! This really was an amazing day and I got to share it with everyone I care about. Although wearing a massive gown got boring pretty quick. It also made me kinda sad because I never wanted to leave. Like ever.

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August- This was another month of rushing around (notice a theme here), making sure I had everything in time for Spencer and crying about how cute and small all of the baby clothes. Oh and being obsessed with Pokemon Go for a solid two weeks. Come at me jigglypuffs.

September- I feel like this month was the main event. I had my birthday, which was mostly spent worrying about my baby coming early. Turns out this was futile as he decided to turn up 11 days late and not in the most ideal of circumstances. Luckily, he was healthy albiet a little grumpy. After a few days my little boy got to come home.

October- This month was a blur of night feeds, constant nappy changes and trying to find a cute outfit for Spencer to wear for his first Halloween. I also found out that he looks really cute in orange.

November- Apart from Brad’s birthday, not much happened. But I made a bloody good cake for his birthday so that’s something.


December- I spent all of this month, relaxing, watching all the Christmas films (where was Elf though?!?) and making the most of family time. These are the people that formed my year and helped make it as amazing as it was. I formed the beginnings of new Christmas traditions. I formed my own little family. And that is a pretty good feeling.





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