I chose the wrong degree



In this post, I mentioned that one of my regrets about university was choosing the wrong degree so I thought I would talk about what it is like and how to get out of it.

I’ll start with background information,because, you know, we are all nosy people. Or is it nosey. Can someone please answer that question for me. Anyway, when I had to choose what to study at university, I was always torn between Spanish and English, primarily because these were my best subjects but also because I would never be brave enough to do a chemistry degree, no matter how fun it looks. Also, I was terrible at chemistry. Like truly terrible.

I really wanted to do an English Language degree but after a few friends kindly told me that hardly anyone ever gets in to do English, I decided on a joint honours degree instead.

Honestly, I only took Spanish at university as the grades required to get into university were lower and because I believed it increased your career prospects significantly. I have since learned that unless you want to become a teacher or a translator, the ability to speak Spanish (or any other language) isn’t always a valued skill. I may have also did it for the year abroad but you know only slightly for that reason…

Don’t get me wrong. I did enjoy learning Spanish. I enjoyed the majority of modules until second year. What I didn’t enjoy was constant language classes focusing on language skills and discussing similar topics on a weekly basis. As a result, I became miserable and stopped attending classes which only made the problem worse. The less contact I had with the language, the worse my ability to speak it became. The only thing worse than this was the thought of starting again so I persevered.

Fortunately, I did a joint honours degree and loved every aspect of linguistics so it did not make my time at university unbearable and yes, the year abroad went some way to making up for all the speaking exams (these exams don’t get easier. Half an hour speaking Spanish with no sangria as a reward. No thank you).

This isn’t something you should have to go through alone. I was lucky enough to have an amazing tutor who did everything she could to get me through my final year and I couldn’t be more grateful. If you are unhappy with your degree, please speak to  to a tutor if you feel you have done the wrong degree as you don’t want to spend three years being miserable or feeling you have to leave university. Normally you can change your degree title at the end of first year providing it is a reasonable adjustment. 

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