12 things that 00s girls are guilty of

2017-03-16 09.05.45 1.jpg

1. Spending ages choosing a new cover and the sparkliest charm for your Nokia because having a stylish phone was the most important thing in the world.

2. Finding the song you have been obsessed with for weeks on your friends phone and basically following them everywhere until they sent you the song. Via Bluetooth because no one has time for infrared.

3. Being absolutely disgusted by the measly scrap of cake you got in your party bag.

4. Running home from school to check on the welfare of your Tamagotchi because all the teachers were heartless villains and had no time for your little treasure.

5. Taking the flour baby task so seriously that you would have actually been ready for real-life parenthood.

6. Hearing that one of your friends *might* be having their birthday party at McDonalds so you obviously needed to become their best friend to get that exclusive invite.

7. Carefully selecting a new skin for your bebo profile to keep it fresh and to ensure everyone knew how deep and worldly you were.

8. Rocking your new jelly shoes and new dress to the school disco. Maybe adding a sassy little side pony because you were a wild 11 year old and basically the definition of fashionable.

9. Knowing that the new issue of Shout and Girl Talk were out and not being able to concentrate because girl needs a new blue eyeshadow.

10. Going to Jane Norman just because you needed a new bag for your P.E kit. Whilst you were shopping you also get Charlie red for your P.E bag. Maybe the black or pink one if you were feeling adventurous. Or maybe the blue one. Whichever one matched the colour of your new sassy Jane Norman bag.

11. Becoming obsessed with L’Oréal Dream Matte mousse because it was the best foundation ever and the orange line it gave you on your chin basically made you the prettiest girl in the world.

12. Always making smilie faces and Chicago Town pizzas when your friends came round to showcase your true cooking skills.

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