Happy half birthday!

It’s about time my favourite person got a whole post dedicated to him and his half birthday is a pretty good excuse to write about him.

Spencer Clayton, my favourite human to ever exist, was born on the 14th September 2016 at 6:08am and weighed 5lbs 2oz. It wasn’t the most ideal scenario as he was 10 days late and because he got stressed it ended up being an emergency c section. After waiting, for what felt like a century, for him to cry, I got to see what he looked like and got to talk to him while he was in my mum’s arms. Eventually I got to hold him and instantly fell in love with him that I even forgot how tired I was. I spent the first few hours of his life just staring at him and smelling him (if he grows up weird, you now know why.)

During these first six months he has learned how to smile, laugh, sit up, roll over, use his spoon and lots of other things. He still hasn’t mastered the art of sleeping through the night, or for more than three hours in fact but we can’t have everything. He already has hobbies which include pulling people’s hair and stealing their food.


So there it is. A brief introduction to the little man that takes up all of my time. The reason I wake up in the morning. Literally, babies are loud when they cry. Thank you for giving me so many new experiences and bringing so much joy to anyone that spends time with you.

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