Thoughts we all have during lectures 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

1) Why is it so early

2) Like seriously. Too early

3) How did she have time to get coffee.

4) I want coffee.

5) OK so one girl actually had time to put false eyelashes on. Like how??

6) I’m still wearing my pyjama top under a hoodie. How did she have time?

7) The lecturer looks just as exhausted as us. Promising start. Let’s all go home.

8) Send us home. End the class. Please

9) Oh no, he’s already logged in.

10) He’s just reading off the slides. Like I could do this at home.

11) I could also sleep at home. And eat.

12) Oh my god so hungry.

13) I’m definitely getting food in the break.

14) All the food.

15) Why has it gone quiet? Oh we’ve been asked about the reading. Look away.

16) Oh of course eyelashes has done the reading. Gold star for you.

17) No wait, you’re our only beacon of hope. I retract my sarcasm. Fly my pretty, you answer those questions you beautiful creature.

18) I still want coffee.

19) Ooh we are watching a video.

20) Oh no wait, he can’t click the link on his PowerPoint presentation.

21) I actually think he is going to fall apart. Do I help him?

22) Ok, no wait he’s got a plan. He is going to copy and paste the link.

23) Oh dear god.

24) He is using Internet Explorer. Like you have a PhD.

25) That must have took him forever to research everything if he used Internet Explorer.

26) Waiting for this to load is soul destroying.

27) Oh look it’s finally loaded.

28) This buffering is wasting a lot of time.


30) All that effort for a two minute video.

31) Cute dog though.

32) Lecture is finally over.

33) Fab job 10/10.

34) Ok bed now.

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