Spencer: 9 month update

Ok, so he has actually been 9 months for a week now but let’s just ignore the fact I’m a bit late with this. I can’t believe I have a nine month old. I feel he has learned a lot this past month and his cheeky little personality is coming through so strongly now. This has definitely been my favourite month with him and not just because he hasn’t been teething this month. 

He has finally started moving. I’ve been waiting for him to crawl for a while but instead he decided to use furniture to stand up and he has started cruising. Looks like I’m not getting a few months extra rest after all. I’m not sure if he will just go straight from this to walking or if he will learn to crawl but I love seeing him so excited to explore his surroundings. 

His speech and communication is coming along so well. He says hiya to anyone that walks into a room as well as constantly babbling to himself. He makes a noise when he wants food and had finally said both mama and mummy. I hope this means I’m the favourite parent. Although he has said dada a few times as well. 

His new hobbies include smiling when he knows he is being naughty, stroking people’s arms when they have food and dancing to any music that he hears. He is still really nosy and loves getting attention from other people. Oh and he has started to put effort into giving people kisses and it’s so so cute. That might be my favourite thing that he does. Or maybe when we go and feed the ducks and he eats their bread rather than sharing it. Maybe that’s my favourite. 

                  Thank you Spencer for an amazing nine months. I love you so much. 

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