Spencer: 10 month update

Ok, so I’m fully aware that my last post was his 9 month update that I posted last week but life’s hard when you’re lazy/ have an active baby to look after.

Since the last update, he has more confidence when he stands up and he has started to be able to stand unsupported for a few seconds. He still doesn’t know how to get down safely so I’m hoping he will pick that up soon because I don’t want him to hurt himself. Also I really want him to gain a sense of danger because I think I will actually fall apart if he tries to jump off the couch one more time.

He has learned a few new words this month. He now says more if he sees food and he isn’t being given any. He also waves whenever anyone leaves the room if you wave at him. He has also learned to clap and it’s so cute to watch. Oh and most importantly, his dancing skills are really coming along. He has different dances now and honestly, it gets him out of trouble so easily because it’s so cute. (Say cute more Steph.)

Although he still looks adorable (my son so slightly biased), I think he has really started to look older in the past month. He has always been a small baby but now he is getting teeth (he has a third one cutting through and it looks like the top four are going to grow all at once) and has finally grown out of his 0-3 month clothes. Part of me is so excited to see him grow up and how he turns out but another part of me wants him to be my baby boy forever.

Thank you for an amazing ten months Spencer. Let’s start planning your first birthday party and help you gain a sense of danger.

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