Two books that prepared me for parenting

When I was pregnant, I didn’t have a clue how to raise a baby. I’d never even held a baby until a month before he was born. I decided to give myself a head start by reading so many books but there is only so much you can read about the dangers of co-sleeping and how important breast milk is before you go insane.

There were two books that stood out for me. Mainly because they were honest accounts of parenting. They didn’t just share the good moments and didn’t say things just because they think they should. Put bluntly, if I hadn’t read these books, I would have had a very harsh reality check. Because, silly, naive, childless Steph believed that children were good all the time and easy look after. That you would never be annoyed at your beautiful child.  Like I said, I was naive.

Every mum-to-be needs to read this book. Like forget those sachets of non-bio Persil that you will never use. This is what needs to be given to new mums. The Unmumsy Mum gave me so much advice that I have applied with my own child. Things like getting out the house everyday, no matter how daunting the prospect may be, because staying in the house all day is a lot worse than a baby meltdown in Asda. She shares hilarious anecdotes from her own life and she will say it as it is, not sugar coat anything for fear of others reactions. It makes you realise you aren’t alone; that every parent will have a bad parenting day. A day when you just want five minutes to yourself. When you feel like you’re the only parent with a child that misbehaves. This book needed to be written and all I know is that I need her second book now please.

Now this book isn’t completely about parenting but it still gave me an idea about how becoming a mum would be like. It prepared me for what would happen to my body post pregnancy as well as during childbirth. Although it helped me prepare for life postpartum, it is a book that every woman needs to read. It made me think about preparing for the worst during childbirth (I didn’t think anything more than this though and I really wish I did). I suppose this book gave me the advice I needed for childbirth and to make sure you get help if you get mastitis rather than just out an ice pack on and hope for the best. But you should read it anyway because Cherry Healey just gets life.

I know I’m a little late with these books as they have been published for a while but without them I would not have been prepared for my baby at all.

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