What I learned from a day without my phone 

So I was phone free for 36 hours. This wasn’t planned. I didn’t just decide to be without a phone for some spiritual reason. Nope. My phone had a massive crack across the screen, which meant I couldn’t unlock it. So rather than spending hours trying to find my old phone, I wanted to see what I would be like without a phone.  A lot of people have done this and claimed that they were more productive and felt content without checking social media constantly so it seemed like a positive thing to do. 

Yet another unrelated photo. My bad

Honestly, I believed I was someone who didn’t really use their phone that often. That I only looked at it every few hours to check the time or reply to texts. But I was so wrong. I found myself automatically picking up my phone to check it about every fifteen minutes with the thought of scrolling through social media. I have been wasting so much time, just mindlessly scrolling and didn’t even realise I was doing it. 

This wasn’t the only unexpected thing that happened. I found that I felt really lonely.  Like I was  in a crowded room and didn’t know a single person. My main way of communication had been taken away from me. The worst part was I could see part of the messages that people were sending to me but I couldn’t read the rest and I couldn’t reply. Normally I look forward to being in the house on my own and I enjoy my own company but I spent the whole time craving attention. It got so bad that I wanted to wake my sleeping baby but that wouldn’t have been fair on him. 

Because I was home alone, I also felt very unsafe. I was constantly worried about someone breaking in or a fire starting or falling down the stairs and not being able to phone the emergency services because my phone wouldn’t unlock. 

Luckily some positives did come from this. I realised that if I didn’t need it for work, I would happily delete Facebook and it reinforced my belief that people are so important for happiness.  I didn’t miss my phone for easily looking through social media but for those at the other end of it. Those I wanted to message and tell them all about my day. Those people are the reason I wanted my phone back. 

So what did I learn? Never break my phone again and invite everyone round if I do. Oh, and actually buy a house phone for emergencies. 

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