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How to survive living with strangers

Moving out is stressful enough. Moving to live with strangers is even more daunting.

I have managed to move in with strangers four times (once was unplanned thanks to the bathroom ceiling falling in, thank you landlord for that solid foundation) so these are things I have done in order to make the whole process easier. Although living with a load of strangers does sound scary, I have (just about) survived each time so here is some advice for living with strangers. It really isn’t as bad as you think.
1. Clean up after yourself. Don’t be that person that leaves a pile of dishes in the sink and stains all over the worktops. You’re better than that.

2. Don’t use anything that isn’t yours without asking. Basic manners. Some people may not care about you using their things but it is always polite to ask.

3. Take a few candles with you. You don’t know how clean your new housemates will be or what type of food they like to cook, so, just to be sure, keep a few candles about to eliminate these smells.

4. Make an effort to get to know your flatmates. Try to spend as much time as you can outside your room for the first few days. It’s difficult but get talking to people. Watch a film together or invite them to the pub.

5. Be clear on rules from the start. Doing this early on may seem boring but it saves a lot of arguments later on and probably avoids someone having a fish thrown at them. Maybe it was just my flatmates that did this. 

6. Learn to cook a really good meal. Or several. You will be the favourite if you can cook. This is also another good way of getting people talking.

7. If you get drunk, don’t vomit in the communal area. Don’t pass out either, especially on the stairs. Neither of these things are good for your reputation.

8. If you bring people back, make sure they behave respectfully. Your flatmates will be annoyed with you and not them if they cause any issues.

9. If you are going to the shop, always ask if anyone needs anything. It starts a conversation and it makes you a good person.

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