Be kind to yourself

Everyday I walk past a lot of people and every single one of them has something they are trying to hide. Whether they are ashamed of their legs or arms, covering them up even when it’s warm or people pulling their tops down, conscious that their stomach is out or trying to hide their bum. You will see people trying to hide what they don’t like. 

Getting my spotty, bruised legs out to make a point
Our bodies look after us everyday. If you’re feeling tired, or if your muscles are aching, your body is telling you something. It’s begging you to have a day off exercise. To take time out and relax. To have an early night instead of trying to do everything in one day. 

Those red burns on your skin are asking for help. Your skin just wants to be covered in sun cream and be protected from the sun. Those dry patches on your crying out to be moisturised. It is sending us messages that we keep ignoring. 

Be comfortable in your clothes. Wear less if it’s hot; don’t overheat. Protect your ears from the cold by wearing a hat. Wear whatever coat you want without worrying about how you look in it. Your body works hard so treat it well. 

When I was pregnant, I dressed how I wanted. I wore short dresses and I actually got my arms out. I didn’t care what people thought about my body because it’s ‘acceptable’ to be bigger when you’re pregnant. 

After I had the baby, I went straight back to hiding body and I was so self conscious. The stomach that had been a home for my baby, that protected him and was so important to him was now being hidden away under baggy jumpers. Even though it was too hot for them, I still wore anything that would hide my body. That body that did an incredible thing: it grew a healthy baby boy and kept him safe. And yet, I tried to punish it by denying myself food. I tired to exercise two weeks after major surgery even though I needed to wait at least 12 weeks. I did everything I could to change my body but I didn’t make any effort to look after it. 
In reality, it doesn’t matter what your body looks like. It still deserves to be treated well. It does so many amazing things for us that we take for granted on a daily basis that the least we could do is help it along the way.

We only get one body; be kind to it. 

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