Happy Birthday!

My little boy is one. One. 365 days old. (Well 366 days when you’re reading this or 367 if this year was a leap year. Like who remembers stuff like that. Unless you have a birthday on 29th Feb). Anyway… it literally feels like yesterday I was in labour and now I have a little boy who does so much already.

He absolutely loved the whole day. We had plans to go out to the Zoo but the weather was so horrible and he was enjoying his new toys so much that we stayed in for most of the day. His favourite present was probably his kitchen walker but the music set is probably a close second. All the noise. Well done Steph. 
I decided on a plain chocolate cake for his birthday cake. I didn’t want to risk one with loads of decoration in case he choked on them. 

The best part of the day was that he stood up on his own, unsupported for the first time. I know so many babies do this before one but Spencer started doing it and I’m so proud of him. After months of him being cautious, he is brave enough to keep trying to stand for longer. Looks like I’m going to have the stress of a walking baby sooner than I thought. 

I went through his old photos yesterday and it’s so weird to see how much he has grown and changed since he was born. 

Thank you Spencer for making this the best year of my life. I love you so much. 

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