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Is January really the best month for change?

January hasn’t gone to plan so far. I didn’t want the year to start this way. I had a really good year last year and I wanted to carry that momentum into this year and continue with the positivity but it hasn’t played out like that.

I feel like everyone has already settled into 2018. Like there are so many positive vibes and glittery stars and fist bump emojis everywhere. It seems like everywhere I look, people are already smashing 2018 and have so many things planned for this year. I’m not complaining about this. I think it’s amazing when you see people achieving new things but I kind of feel left behind and it’s doing nothing for my confidence.

I had high hopes for this year. I was going to start exercise again and eat better so I could finallylose the weight that I gained during pregnancy. I was going to learn a new language. I was going to make a career plan and decide what I wanted to do and how to get there. I just haven’t found the motivation to do any of this yet.

I’ve been using rubbish excuses. I’ve not started running again because it has been raining a lot. I haven’t started eating better because I’m too tired to cook, there is still Christmas chocolate left (I don’t know how I made it last this long) and, you know, the old classic, diet can start tomorrow.

I know that short term these aren’t important and as long as I do start to do something about it then that’s all that matters. January is not only month that people are capable of implementing changes. It’s not the only month people can achieve things. Yes, some people find that the new year motivates them to make changes but I think I am starting to realise that it doesn’t work for me. And that’s ok. I know that I always prefer the last few months of the year because it’s my birthday and I always feel that my motivation levels are higher when there is actually a decent amount of daylight. Deep down I know that the main thing is that I am happy and that I continue to make those around me feel happy.

I honestly don’t know what the purpose of this post is. Maybe it was just to get rid of this lingering dull feeling or maybe it is just to give me a good kick up the bum and start making plans to make 2018 even better than last year. After all, not losing weight in the first month of the year probably won’t matter in five years time. You know, unless I keep eating all the food.

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