I’m Steph, a 23 year old English and Spanish graduate who still isn’t mature enough to drink red wine. Sorry for the awkward description that sounded like I should be on Take Me Out but it’s was the best way for a quick summary. 

I spend more time watching TV than I should and I pretty much always have chipped nails. Lazy people problems. Oh and I can be pretty much bribed to do anything if it involves cake. Unless the cake has nuts on it. Then you’re on your own. 

I originally created this blog in 2014 to document my year abroad but now I cover a broad range of topics including parenting and travel. Oh and lifestyle, obviously,  because who doesn’t.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts. 

Talk to me

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephanielclayton/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/StephClaytonio

Email: stephanie_clayton@hotmail.co.uk

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