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Welcome to ZO Skin Peels, where science meets beauty, developed by after Zein Obagi one of the worlds leading Dermatologists. Our advanced, clinically-proven peels rejuvenate, refresh, and revitalise your complexion. Whether reducing fine lines, diminishing dark spots, improving skin texture and tone or achieving a radiant glow, ZO Skin Peels deliver unparalleled results. Discover smooth, luminous skin with us – your journey to flawless skin starts here.


Improved Skin Texture and Clarity

ZO peels help to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover. This process leads to a smoother, more even skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and rough patches, resulting in clearer and more radiant skin.

Reduction of Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damage

These peels are effective in addressing hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and other forms of discoloration. The active ingredients in ZO peels, such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids, target uneven skin tone and promote a more uniform complexion by fading dark spots and reducing melanin production.

Enhanced Skin Health and Youthfulness

ZO peels stimulate collagen and elastin production, essential components for maintaining firm and youthful skin. By encouraging these natural processes, the peels help to restore skin elasticity and reduce the visible signs of aging, such as sagging and loss of firmness, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.



30 minutes

The ZO Stimulator Peel is a superficial peel which causes no downtime, peeling or flaking. It is a combination of citric, glycolic and lactic acids these help the removal of external layers to stimulate collagen, elastin, skin texture and tone by providing accelerated exfoliation of the epidermal layer. You skin is simply left glowing rejuvenated complexion so you are ready for a special occasion or just a night out.

Course of 6 £380


60 minutes

This facial is suitable for dry or dehydrated skin this is intensely hydrating and luxurious facial. The ultra-hydration treatment restores the skin’s vitality and eliminates the signs of dehydration including superficial flakiness.

Course of 6 £540


60 minutes

This facial uses carefully selected active ingredients with brightening properties, and is used in conjunction with the ZO® Skin Health Brightening Mask to illuminate and even out the skin tone. This is the perfect facial treatment for addressing the signs of photo-ageing, including pigmentation, melasma and sun damage. The citric, salicylic and lactic acids increases skin brightness and clarity.

Course of 6 £540


60 minutes

This facial is an ideal treatment for controlling oil and reducing acne in oily and combination skin types and those prone to the redness of Rosacea. Intensive, exfoliating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, this treatment provides deep cleansing and purification of pores with a Clay mask and Detoxifying Massage.

Course of 6 £540


60 minutes

This facial uses carefully selected active ingredients, a combination of lactic, citric and salicylic acids plus concentrations of other active ingredients. Each help to exfoliate the skin, which aids the repair of the skins texture and reduces age spots. Along with tightening the skin which helps combat the signs of aging by improving the appearance of sagging and reducing the loss of contour and elasticity.

Course of 6 £540


60 minutes

ZO® Restorative Peel combines a unique alpha hydroxy acids (lactic, citric, and mandelic acid) blend to provide gentle, surface exfoliation instantly improving skin’s luminosity, texture + tone for a restored complexion. It is appropriate for all skin types, especially dull, dry, sensitive and rosacea prone skin.

Course of 6 £540

What our clients say

After many years of working in challenging environments, with diesel trucks, minus 20c cold storage warehouses to name a few. I decided to treat my skin to a deep clean with Stephanie Louise and her team! I received Amazing results & I would highly recommend for the busiest of us to take some time out for a healthy facial treat! Well worth it .

Mel Stevens
SL Aesthetics Client

Having had skin pen treatments recently for a scar on my face and other skin issues I can honestly say the difference is remarkable. Thank you for helping me feel more confident again.
The team at Stephanie Louise are true professionals as well as being caring and understanding.
If you’re thinking about going to this lady for any treatment please do. Highly recommended.

Jane Watson
SL Aesthetics Client

Stephanie and her team are lovely and provide a great all-round service. The clinic is welcoming and from the outset, once your history is taken, there is a clear treatment plan and expected time frame. Would definitely recommend.

Ann Pruce
SL Aesthetics Client

Not really sure I want to give Steph a good review as then I’ll never be able to get a booking with her! In all honesty the physio I’ve had here is the best, with every treatment I’ve had the results have been superb, I’ve recommended her to my colleagues, family and friends and everyone is of the same opinion, the clinic is modern and calming, the staff are all welcoming and reassuringly professional. Simply perfect!

Robbie M
SL Aesthetics Client

I have been to see Steph and her team get a number of years and they are amazing. The clinic is lovely and clean and a relaxing environment, the staff are all friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone who is having problems with their backs and you won’t get a better service anywhere else.

Charlotte Flower
SL Aesthetics Client

Just had a hydrafacial with jenna she knew instantly what was going on with my skin. Very professional Service highly recommend.

Sue Tillett
SL Aesthetics Client

BEcome a member

After you have achieved your desired result we offer a membership scheme. Our scheme allows clients to pay monthly and visit the salon every 12 weeks for a top up session to maintain your results. Membership includes:
  • 12 WEEKLY top up for one area of the face (e.g. eyes / neck / jowls)
  • 1 FREE massage a year
  • 1 FREE massage a year facial a year
  • 20% OFF massage a year ZO Products
  • 10% OFF ZO Facials / Peels
  • 10% OFF physiotherapy appointments
Prices from £50pm
T&C's apply.
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