Taping – Effective support method

At Stephanie Louise Clinics we utilise Kinesio Taping as an effective method to support your recovery, enhance performance, and prevent injuries. This innovative technique is widely used by athletes and individuals seeking to improve their physical function and manage pain.

Kinesio Taping involves the application of a specially designed, elastic tape to the skin. This tape mimics the properties of human skin, allowing for a full range of motion while providing support and stability to muscles and joints. Unlike traditional athletic taping, Kinesio Taping does not restrict movement, making it ideal for use during both activity and rest.

How Does It Work?

The tape is applied in specific patterns to target muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It works by lifting the skin slightly, which helps to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and alleviate pain. The tape also provides proprioceptive feedback to the muscles, enhancing body awareness and aiding in the prevention of injuries.

Experience the benefits of Kinesio Taping as part of a comprehensive physiotherapy program at Stephanie Louise Clinics. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and optimise your physical health.


Pain Relief

Reduces pain in joints and surrounding muscles.

Enhanced Performance

Supports muscles and joints without restricting movement, allowing for improved performance during activities.

Reduced Swelling

Promotes lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling and inflammation.

Improved Circulation

Increases blood flow to the affected area, aiding in recovery.

Injury Prevention

Provides stability and support to muscles and joints, helping to prevent re-injury.

Enhanced Mobility

Improves range of motion and flexibility.

What our clients say

After many years of working in challenging environments, with diesel trucks, minus 20c cold storage warehouses to name a few. I decided to treat my skin to a deep clean with Stephanie Louise and her team! I received Amazing results & I would highly recommend for the busiest of us to take some time out for a healthy facial treat! Well worth it .

Mel Stevens
SL Aesthetics Client

Having had skin pen treatments recently for a scar on my face and other skin issues I can honestly say the difference is remarkable. Thank you for helping me feel more confident again.
The team at Stephanie Louise are true professionals as well as being caring and understanding.
If you’re thinking about going to this lady for any treatment please do. Highly recommended.

Jane Watson
SL Aesthetics Client

Stephanie and her team are lovely and provide a great all-round service. The clinic is welcoming and from the outset, once your history is taken, there is a clear treatment plan and expected time frame. Would definitely recommend.

Ann Pruce
SL Aesthetics Client

Not really sure I want to give Steph a good review as then I’ll never be able to get a booking with her! In all honesty the physio I’ve had here is the best, with every treatment I’ve had the results have been superb, I’ve recommended her to my colleagues, family and friends and everyone is of the same opinion, the clinic is modern and calming, the staff are all welcoming and reassuringly professional. Simply perfect!

Robbie M
SL Aesthetics Client

I have been to see Steph and her team get a number of years and they are amazing. The clinic is lovely and clean and a relaxing environment, the staff are all friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone who is having problems with their backs and you won’t get a better service anywhere else.

Charlotte Flower
SL Aesthetics Client

Just had a hydrafacial with jenna she knew instantly what was going on with my skin. Very professional Service highly recommend.

Sue Tillett
SL Aesthetics Client

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