The Graduate: One year on

A year ago, I became an English Language and Spanish graduate from Bangor University. Fun story by Stephanie Clayton, aged 23 and 3/4. No but seriously, I spent four years preparing for this day (not physically- although if you're wearing fake tan then preparing a few days before is key. Last minute tan+rain=disaster.) Anyway, let's… Continue reading The Graduate: One year on


Drugstore products I always use

Since having a baby, I have changed my makeup routine frequently. There are, however, some products that I still continue to use because I just can't be without them. I'm not going to mention the standard ones like Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer because that one is bloody obvious. So, let's get to the reason you… Continue reading Drugstore products I always use


12 things that 00s girls are guilty of

1. Spending ages choosing a new cover and the sparkliest charm for your Nokia because having a stylish phone was the most important thing in the world. 2. Finding the song you have been obsessedΒ with for weeks on your friends phone and basically following them everywhere until they sent you the song. Via Bluetooth because… Continue reading 12 things that 00s girls are guilty of

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Did having a baby make me boring?

Loving. Loyal. Caring. Patient. Selfless. These are all words that have been used to describe mums. But others around you may not use the same adjectives to describe you. Boring is a word that gets thrown about from time to time; normally when you have to decline drinks for the third time in a row.… Continue reading Did having a baby make me boring?