How a baby affects your relationship

Babies. Those cute little things that have the power to change lives overnight. How can something so tiny affect your relationship. Well... 1) You become obsessed with sleep. How much you're getting, how much they are getting and most importantly how much your baby gets and how you wish it was more.  2) You also… Continue reading How a baby affects your relationship

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How to survive living with strangers

Moving out is stressful enough. Moving to live with strangers is even more daunting. I have managed to move in with strangers four times (once was unplanned thanks to the bathroom ceiling falling in, thank you landlord for that solid foundation) so these are things I have done in order to make the whole process… Continue reading How to survive living with strangers


What I learned from a day without my phoneΒ 

So I was phone free for 36 hours. This wasn't planned. I didn't just decide to be without a phone for some spiritual reason. Nope. My phone had a massive crack across the screen, which meant I couldn't unlock it. So rather than spending hours trying to find my old phone, I wanted to see… Continue reading What I learned from a day without my phoneΒ 


Two books that prepared me for parenting

When I was pregnant, I didn't have a clue how to raise a baby. I'd never even held a baby until a month before he was born. I decided to give myself a head start by reading so many books but there is only so much you can read about the dangers of co-sleeping and… Continue reading Two books that prepared me for parenting


The Graduate: One year on

A year ago, I became an English Language and Spanish graduate from Bangor University. Fun story by Stephanie Clayton, aged 23 and 3/4. No but seriously, I spent four years preparing for this day (not physically- although if you're wearing fake tan then preparing a few days before is key. Last minute tan+rain=disaster.) Anyway, let's… Continue reading The Graduate: One year on


Drugstore products I always use

Since having a baby, I have changed my makeup routine frequently. There are, however, some products that I still continue to use because I just can't be without them. I'm not going to mention the standard ones like Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer because that one is bloody obvious. So, let's get to the reason you… Continue reading Drugstore products I always use