How a baby affects your relationship

Babies. Those cute little things that have the power to change lives overnight. How can something so tiny affect your relationship. Well... 1) You become obsessed with sleep. How much you're getting, how much they are getting and most importantly how much your baby gets and how you wish it was more.  2) You also… Continue reading How a baby affects your relationship


Happy Birthday!

My little boy is one. One. 365 days old. (Well 366 days when you're reading this or 367 if this year was a leap year. Like who remembers stuff like that. Unless you have a birthday on 29th Feb). Anyway... it literally feels like yesterday I was in labour and now I have a little… Continue reading Happy Birthday!


Two books that prepared me for parenting

When I was pregnant, I didn't have a clue how to raise a baby. I'd never even held a baby until a month before he was born. I decided to give myself a head start by reading so many books but there is only so much you can read about the dangers of co-sleeping and… Continue reading Two books that prepared me for parenting

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Did having a baby make me boring?

Loving. Loyal. Caring. Patient. Selfless. These are all words that have been used to describe mums. But others around you may not use the same adjectives to describe you. Boring is a word that gets thrown about from time to time; normally when you have to decline drinks for the third time in a row.… Continue reading Did having a baby make me boring?